The architecture was created with the aim of erasing the boundary between home and nature. The maximum possible part of the outer walls has panoramic glazing, which not only positively affects the natural light in the interior, but also allows you to admire the forest from any room. The choice of finishing materials also contributes to unity with nature: stone adds a sense of confidence, and wood adds coziness and warmth. Dark hues were chosen to blend the house into the forest.
The layout was built in such a way that unity with nature was felt most of the time. On the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen and an open terrace. The hall on the second floor is made in the middle so that each of the three bedrooms has panoramic windows - so you can contemplate the forest landscape in the morning and before going to bed. From the south room there is a passage to the terrace, created for outdoor recreation in good weather. All bedrooms have a private bathroom and walk-in closet.